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Five professional landscapers gave a week of their time in September 2009 to work on the project. Confronted by material and equiptment problems they more than rose to the challenge, and with amazing resourcefulness made the week a spectacular success. Thirteen hour days were the norm.

Right: Landscapers Brian Herbert of Outdoor Options, Jim Brasier of Jim Brasier Landscapes, Tom Hales, Martin Kelley of Fairwater Ltd and student volunteers Don Lewis and Alastair Brooks.

Julie Johnson

Left: Garden Designer Julie Johnson of Forget-Me-Not Landscape Design.

A top quality pond liner was generously donated by Gordon Low Products Ltd and was shipped from the UK. Nerves were on edge when it became blocked at the border and risked not arriving in time. All came good, and the pond was filled by the final day.

Carpentry skills meant that a wheelchair accessible deck and walkway over the pond were constructed as were a gazebo and a tree seat.

pergola Jim Carpenter

A 50m fence, painted in bright blue, typical of the surrounding villages was constructed and erected in order to divide the two parts of the the garden.

Right: In addition to our five professionals we had a team of eight volunteers, with an age range spanning 40 years and an equally broad range of skills. Hard work it certainly was, but good humour and team spirit were the order of the day - the proof of which is that every member of the team is eager to be part of the next stage.

group photo
cow With the work finished, we had to take measures to ensure that our daily visits from Ludmilla, (left) and nocturnal visits from the neighbour's large pig were ended. Our newly constructed pond was too tempting and the risk of damage too great.

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